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LifeSpeed Client Area's Journal

21st September, 2002. 12:32 am. Progress Report(trel)

Okay, so I'm a slacker. I'd stopped working on LifeSpeed for a couple of months for no real reason. One of the features of the client is that it will contain a WYSIWYG editor. So you can format your entry like you do in Word or Frontpage, and it'll automaticaly generate the HTML behind the scenes. In the process of creating the toolbar for the application, I needed to add a couple of drop-down boxes (just think of the Frontpage toolbars) to select font style, size, etc. Well, apparantly the built-in toolbar control only lets you put buttons and nothing else. I looked around for other toolbar controls that were open source, but none of them had designer support (to graphicaly create them). So I used that as an excuse to set the project aside for a little while. Well, I eventually gave in and created the toolbars in code (the old fashioned way :P ) and am continuing along. I don't know when I'll have a feature-complete version, but be reassured that it's on its way.

It's really amazing how fast we get hooked on and spoiled by the new graphical component designers. I remember programming during the goold ole' days of Win32 and MFC where almost everything was done in code. Sure, in MFC you eventually had a resource editor to create some of the forms, but it was nothing like what you can do today with simple drag-and-drop.

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10th July, 2002. 9:32 pm. Status update(trel)

As of now, posting is completely functional. Music detection works too, supporting WinAmp, Sonique, FreeAmp, Zinf (the new name for FreeAmp), Windows Media Player 6 (MS changed the way WMP 7+ presents its currently playing data), and the Windows CD Player.

The Options framework is mostly done, now it's just a matter of modifying a few items to check the options, but that shouldn't take too long. The remaining major section are the items under the File menu.

Stay tuned...

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9th July, 2002. 10:44 pm. Welcome to the LifeSpeed Community(trel)

This community is for users and developers of the LifeSpeed LiveJournal client. The goal of the community is to keep people informed of LifeSpeed's progress and to provide an area for developers/testers to communicate.

LifeSpeed is a multi-server-aware LiveJournal client that utilizes the XML-RPC interface. To date, most clients use the "flat" interface, which has several limitations in programming flexibility which XML-RPC solves. LifeSpeed is written in C# using almost entirely managed code (the only parts that use native code, ala P/Invoke, are the music detection routines). This means that with little to no modification, or even recompilation, LifeSpeed will be able to run on any platform for which there is a .NET Framework. Within the next year, .NET will be available to FreeBSD (with Rotor) and Linux (once Mono is ready). It will also be very easy to retarget for the .NET Compact Framework, currently in beta, which will allow it to run on many mobile platforms ranging from PocketPC to Palm (a 3rd party PAL is planned to allow .NET for Palm), to cell phones.

For its initial release, LifeSpeed will strive to provide most/all of the functionality and looks of the Visions client (the former "official" one). As per its licensing under GPL, source code will be made available upon the release of a final version. (I don't want to release beta/development code, since it changes from day-to-day).

Right now, LifeSpeed is in Alpha development. It's login mechanism works as does "simple" posting. Currently, the Post Options and Post Security dialogs are in progress, leaving only the main options menu and the options in the "file" menu remaining to complete.

If you're interested in beta testing, please reply to this post and let me know. I'll accept a small number of initial testers to test a non-feature complete version to try and catch any obscure bugs in what's currently done.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the LifeSpeed client.

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